Affiliate Marketing

As a publisher or advertiser at Adtrix, you'll benefit from our respected, international iGaming offers and enormous affiliate network. There is no publisher without an advertiser and no advertiser without a publisher. At Adtrix, our greatest task is to gather the threads and raise offers to new heights to create value for both publisher and advertiser!

Here is a typical example of our campaign process:

  • A consumer visits a publisher's website or blog
  • The consumer clicks on an advert on the publisher's website or blog
  • The consumer makes a deposit or registers at the advertiser
  • Adtrix pays the publisher for generating a lead or depositor
  • The advertiser pays Adtrix on CPA/CPL basis

Contact our team

Send us a request, and you'll hear from us within two hours on e-mail or on the phone between 8 am and 4 pm.