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Lead Generation

Improve your sales funnel with hot leads. We work on a ‘No Cure No Pay’ basis offering targeted survey leads with segmentation variables such as geolocation, age and gender.

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Online Media

Optimize your digital marketing performance. We offer various marketing solutions spanning social media, marketing automation, display networks, search engines and affiliate marketing.

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Data Cleansing

Save time and money by pursuing high-quality leads only. Our automated and real-time validation solutions, including verifying both phone numbers and email IDs, ensure no time or effort is wasted on low-quality leads.

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Lead Management

Drive Leads & get more sales!

Media buying

With increased conversions and sales via Google Ads, affiliate marketing, Display Networks, and Social Media, your marketing budget becomes the fuel that drives your business.


While working with the leading lead generators in the industry, we ensure full compliance with the TCPA and GDPR. We give the highest importance to data privacy and protection.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation optimizes the use of resources so you can focus your time and money on the things that help your business grow.

Real-time lead validation

When you buy live leads, you can count on our real-time validation system to ensure the quality of the lead as well as its relevance to your campaign.

Lead verification

We verify phone and email records to ensure you get what you pay for. We also provide verification services for existing databases you may already be using for your business.

Affiliate marketing

We also have an established network of online publishers you can use to sell your products. You only pay for leads or sales. All traffic is parsed through our anti-fraud software so that any resulting leads are real.

Global reach!

We have strong partnerships with various international publishers and agencies. We generate traffic using these contacts giving you exposure to different markets, regions, and cultures.

Precision targeting

We combine the above resources with our geolocation, demographics, and user behavior data to pinpoint the most relevant audience for you. And that’s what helps us produce relevant leads!

Digital Marketing

Maketing solutions to help companies scale!

Our digital marketing solutions can help businesses scale by increasing their online presence and reach. Through targeted campaigns and personalized messaging, we can help businesses attract and convert more qualified leads, ultimately driving growth and success. Our team has the expertise and experience to create effective digital marketing strategies that are tailored to each business's unique goals and needs. Contact us today to learn more.


Whether you are an advertiser, lead supplier or publisher, we welcome you with open arms to become part of a thriving community. Let’s grow together!

Buy traffic or leads

At Adtrix, we utilize our network of influential publishers to help businesses like yours reach their target audience. These publishers are compensated for their efforts, and you only pay for the valuable leads they produce. This means that you can effectively target your desired audience without having to worry about the costs associated with traditional advertising methods.

Our team will work with you to identify the most effective publishers for your business and develop a tailored strategy to help you reach your audience. We have extensive experience in working with publishers and know what it takes to create successful campaigns that drive results.

In addition to our network of publishers, we also offer a range of other services to help your business generate high-quality leads. These include surveys, landing page optimization, co-registration services, and funnel-based campaigns.

Contact us today to learn more about how our digital marketing solutions can help your business reach its target audience and drive growth.


Are you a lead or traffic generator?

Are you a publisher looking to earn a commission by promoting the products and services of our partner advertisers? Look no further than Adtrix. As a publisher, you can trust us to regularly and timely release your hard-earned money.

Our team will work with you to identify the most effective products and services to promote and develop a tailored strategy to help you earn a commission. We have extensive experience in working with publishers and know what it takes to create successful campaigns that drive results.

In addition to offering competitive commission rates, we also provide comprehensive support and guidance to help you succeed. Our dedicated team is here to answer any questions you may have and provide guidance on how to maximize your earnings.

Join our affiliate network and start earning today.


Adtrix is a valued partner in our lead acquisition process. Their lead management solution meant that we could increase our sales by focusing on high quality leads only. This partnership has been a winning play for us and we highly recommend Adtrix!

— Daniel Kjersgaard, CEO at MY DATA ApS

Adtrix assisted us in purchasing leads for our TM center, including lead suppliers management, API data distribution and lead validation. Our collaboration has yielded great results. We highly recommend Jens Stenhøj and his company to anyone looking for lead management services.

— Frederik Weisz, Ritter og Jensen Marketing ApS

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